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Cruelty is not eternity


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Cruelty is not eternity !

The invasion and capture of the Mongols began in 1206 and ended in 1294, and the Mughal presence in Iran began in 1219 and lasted for 39 years, during which more than 2 million people were killed.

In the year 1229, the Mughals arrived in the city of Isfahan, which at that time was a very developed city. They attacked the city several times, but the people of the city were defending themselves, and a great war broke out between the two sides, but the Mongols did not achieve their goal until 1235.

Historians here point out the difference between two religious sects from the city, which makes one of them send messages to the Mongols if they attack Isfahan and destroy another religious denomination, opening the door to them and accepting the Mongols. They start the attack. In this way, the sect that sought assistance from the Mongols was pushing the city and the Mongols outside the city to the point of falling to Isfahan, it should be noted that the Mongols, after entering the city, initially killed those who opened the gate.

In this painting, as you can see, the Mughal soldier is taking a tribute from the people of Isfahan, and the rest of the people are bowing in fear.

In the right corner of the painting, you can also see an archer who marks the Mongolian soldier.

Finally, in 1294, the Iranians succeeded in expelling the Mongols from their own country and showing for a number of times that “Eternity is not cruelty!”

Painter :

Mr Morteza Mansouri was born in 1964 in Boushehr, south of Iran. Mr Mansouri and his family immigrated to Isfahan when he was a child. After primary school he went to the Art School of Fine Arts in Isfahan, in that time he was one of the best artist and well known as miniaturist but also he was very good in different kind of paintings such as watercolor, pastel, nielo and ….

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