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Hossein Fallahi, the master of painting was born in Esfahan in 1938. After primary education in 1951 he began to learn miniature painting under the supervision of a celebrated master of Persian miniature Ali Sajadi, who was a noted student of Haj mossaver al-molk. In Ali Sajadi’s miniature work shop was painting Mongol, Safavid and Qajar style. After the death of this great master, Hossein Fallahi continued his miniature work by himself in 1979 and founded “Fallahi Handicrafts” in Isfahan.

Hossein Fallahi, The Miniaturist
Hossein Fallahi, The Miniaturist

He has exhibited Iranian art at numerous exhibitions around the world such as: (United States, Australia, Japan, Denmark, Germany, England, Canada, France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, United Arab Emirates, …).
Art books have been published in various tourism magazines and tourists who have visited his gallery have appreciated his miniature work.

Natural gallery of Australia

Fallahi Handicrafts Now with more than 69 years antiquity included domestic and overseas store collections, three branches in Isfahan.