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June 4, 2019
A corner of the famous handicrafts Bazaar of Isfahan

A corner of the famous handicrafts Bazaar of Isfahan

What do we called handicrafts?


Handicrafts are made by two words “hand + craft”. Hand means by made of hand or using simple tools in making of any item, and the term “craft” denotes a skill, usually employed different branches of the decorative arts. The term handicraft is most frequently used for the ‘art and craft” And also it means a type of work where useful and decorative devices are made completely by hand or using simple tools. The history of handicrafts is almost 5000 years old .It can be a hobby sometimes but always describes a wide variety of activities such as making things with one’s own hands. A key feature of crafts is that they involve a high degree of “hands-on” craftsmanship hence the colloquial term handicrafts rather than just skill with a machine. Finally Handicrafts are sometimes referred to as artisanal products, craft products, traditional creative crafts or works of artistic or traditional craftsmanship.

Who are the customers of handicraft?

Handicrafts have aesthetic value and it is not necessarily required that handicrafts must be used for physical purpose or especial group of people and can include all people groups, children, adults, men; women all use it and enjoy it. Especially Children in schools that may learn skills such as woodworking, wood carving, sewing, or making things with all sorts of material also there are so Many community centers and schools where for who interested in learning workshop and craft skills. One general problem that we face in studying this sector is the fact that there is really no separate product classification for handicrafts…… Because there is no universally accepted definition of the term “handicrafts”, it has been used to refer to a very wide range of items, including a broad spectrum of “gift items”, house ware, home furnishings, products of craft industries, and fashion accessories.

A corner of the famous handicrafts Bazaar of Isfahan

Importance of handicrafts in society

handicrafts has both Economic and Cultural Importance. Handicraft reflects the culture and heritage of society and known as symbolizes which in true color for portrays the day to day culture of the population. It promotes the heritage of a country through the use of indigenous materials and it preserves traditional knowledge and talents. Handicraft is the expression of our history and I think we must encourage artisans to continue the craft production to show the beauty of this art so because of the importance of the handicrafts June 10 is observed as World Handicrafts Day. Handicrafts are hugely important in terms of economic development too. They provide ample opportunities for employment even with low capital investments and become a prominent medium for foreign earnings.

Iran handicrafts for souvenirs

as mentioned earlier, every city or country has its own handicraft that is appropriate to the culture and taste of the people of that place, each of which has its own pure beauty. Due to the special and unique features as well as the taste and feeling directly attached to the handicrafts by the artist’s hand, there found a special popularity among the souvenirs of every country. Iranian handicrafts are one of the most significant artistic industries that has deep roots in the culture and history of Iran. Iran has many Persian handicrafts. The extent and breadth of these branches can be divided into several subclasses, which indicate the diversity and flourishing of the level of traditional Iranian arts and its roots in the rich history of Iran. In Iran you will find great gift ideas and high-quality items made by the local artists.

Different kind of handicrafts in Iran

Iran handicrafts are as one of the richest art heritages in the world history and encompass many disciplines including architecture, painting, weaving, pottery, calligraphy, metalworking and stone masonry and est.…. Iranian art and handicrafts reflect a 5,000-year-old cultural tradition with a significant development over the history. Numerous artists have produced beautiful items which are known throughout the world. Due to the variety of handcrafts in Iran, there are numerous supply markets in this field, but we offer you www.artacrafts.com  that can be one of the trusted cases in this area. The handicrafts of the world, especially the beautiful Iranian crafts, are not only be a good option for the gift of our dear ones, but can also provide a special effect and design to our environment.

One of the handicrafts of Iran

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