Appreciation of socially responsible gifts: givers, receivers and relationship closer

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February 20, 2019
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June 4, 2019
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gifts: givers, receivers and relationship closer

Gift giving is found to be instrumental in creating and maintaining relationships, defining group and individual identity and resolving conflicts, thus contributing to the creation of trust between partners. Gift giving is commonly defined as the process of selection, transfer, and evaluation of material (tangible) and immaterial (intangible) objects in fulfillment of an obligation or in a spontaneous manner. Gift giving is a universal social norm of human culture. The researchers have found that not only do gifts help maintain our social ties, but also create and worsen interpersonal. Because the gift is a kind, emotional and beautiful act, you can find less than more people who does not like it. From a young child to mature and old people, all of them love taking gifts and as soon as taking gifts, a smile comes on their lips.
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Great idea for buying special gift to be good enough

what gifts to buy? Almost all of us are familiar with this question, and this has come up to many of us several times. However, we can easily say that almost all of us are raising this question several times a year and looking for the right answer for it. Dealing up with this question is very difficult, because we should choose a gift that suits him or her. Giving a bad gift can be a big deal, in some cases driving the giver and recipient apart, showing a lack of understanding. It comes down to understanding how people in the two different positions view the idea of a “good gift”. Give something they’ll want with our unique gift ideas. Creative decor and accessories are designed to suit their life and your price point. Specially curated gifts by recipient makes finding the perfect gift for that certain someone a breeze. Browse our creative gift ideas and give them something unexpected.

most valuable gifts don’t come from the store!

The most valuable presents don’t come from the store. They come from the heart and are offered as a reflection of the care and appreciation you feel for who you want to present a gift. We are thinking, is there any gift that can last the lifetime? The gift that will preserve the connection between you and the one you’re giving it to? Yes, there are such kinds of gifts and art is among them. In spite of this  the perfect gift may be an art work GIFT itself and also specially for an art lover.

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Different type of gifts

The occasion of the gift
Gift can be either Monetary or spiritual, and the choice of its type depends on the occasion that you want to gift  for it or refers on the taste of the gifts giver and recipient. it is usual to give gifts in happy case situation. some of them can be occur in any time and situation or without prediction because they are personal. such as people’s birthday, married, wedding or wedding anniversary, new baby, and …. the time of this situation are different from one person to another one.
another category of  happy situation that giving gifts is the universal  occasions that are save in calendar and all people knows  about  it and  are familiar with it. this kind of Happy occasions are the same for most people because they’re time is fix one day a year and mostly people celebrate these days. for understanding better we want to mention some of theme in following:
1- New Year:  is a time in the first of January that many cultures celebrate and giving new year gifts to each other. at which a new calendar year begins and the calendar’s year count increments by one.
2- Valentine’s Day: is celebrated annually on February 14. celebration of romance and romantic love in many regions around the world, although it is not a public holiday in any country. lover and beloved giving Valentine’s gift to each other in this days that is usually in red color. this 2 item that we mention are the most famous occasions. all culture has many days like this and are different in each culture but here we mention these 2 items because these are common in many culture.

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